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Biotechnologies and Pharmaceuticals

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  • BioSpace - Up-to-date industry news, stock quotes, company information, job postings and industry resources for all publicly traded biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.
  • SciWeb Life Science Home Page - Resources for life science, biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical diagnostic information.
  • Aastrom Biosciences, Inc. - Develops proprietary process technologies and devices for cell therapy applications, including stem cell therapies and gene therapy. (Nasdaq: ASTM).
  • Alfamedic Ltd - Importers and distributors of animal health products, health foods, disinfectants and household insecticides. Includes company profile and product database. Hong Kong.
  • Amgen - Human therapeutics company in the biotechnology industry.
  • AMP-Lab - Provides marine natural products for drug discovery, a screening system for angiogenetic effectors, artificial media for cells and physiological characterization of recombinant enzymes and transgenic animals.
  • Antigenics, Inc. - Specializes in cancer vaccines and treatments, infectious diseases, and autoimmune and degenerative disorders. Includes information about ongoing and completed clinical trials.
  • Arcadia Biosciences - Develops genetically modified food crops for increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. List of key projects.
  • Benitec - Offers gene silencing platform technology. Including description of RNA interference, resources page and details of commercial licensing opportunities.
  • BioCatalytics, Inc. - Established to help companies identify opportunities for the application of enzymes, and then rapidly develop and implement enzyme-based processes.
  • BioCentury - A newsletter for biotech managers covering corporate strategy and management questions.
  • Biocon, Ltd. - A global healthcare company, focusing on unmet medical needs in cancer, diabetes and inflammatory diseases.
  • biogeek.com - Biology clip art and presentation templates.
  • Biogemma - Specializing in the development of new tools contributing to the improvement of the agronomic performance and end use quality of field crops.
  • Biohidrica, Biotecnologías del Agua Ltda. - Based in Chile. Provides bio-assays for evaluation of water quality and services for treatment and control of water pollution.
  • Biologics Process Development, Inc. - Provides laboratory services in cell culture and protein purification and process development and scale-up.
  • BioPartners - Specializes in accelerating the development and commercialization of high quality recombinant biopharmaceutical products through partnering and outsourcing.
  • Biopract GmbH - Microbial preparations, soil remediation and water depollution.
  • BioProtein Technologies - Produces recombinant proteins in the milk of transgenic rabbits including monoclonal antibodies, hormones and vaccinating antigens.
  • BioSeek Inc. - Develops high throughput biological systems for the validation and development of novel human therapeutics.
  • BioTactics Reference Web - Tips, techniques, and links for marketing and business development professionals in Biotech and related markets, plus career management and networking tools.
  • Biotech Industry News - Topix - News on the biotech industry continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
  • BioTech Navigator Investment Newsletter - Monthly newsletter providing analysis, interpretation, news, and commentary relating to biotechnology industry developments for investing in biotechnology and/or medical stocks.
  • Biotium,Inc. - Develops and manufactures fluorescent reagents and other specialty biochemicals. Detailed product descriptions, online ordering and distributor information.
  • Ceapro, Inc. - The company utilizes core technologies for the separation and formulation of natural extracts to benefit human and animal health.
  • Celera Genomics Group - Mapped the human genome and develop new drugs based on their research. Features a range of corporate data, investor information, news, and career opportunities.
  • Chiron Corporation - Participates in therapeutics, blood testing and vaccines. Conducts research and development in the fields of recombinant technology, gene therapy, vaccines, small molecule discovery, and genomics.
  • Chronix Biomedical - Identifies sentinel nucleic acid expression profiles for use in developing assays associated with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of chronic diseases and catastrophic illnesses. Includes company history, staff and a list of current research projects.
  • cisbio In Vitro Diagnostic - Specialized in biomedical technologies and nuclear medicine. Development of technologies for biomarkers and drug screening.
  • Conference: Bioforum - Held in Milan, Italy, on 28-29 September 2005. Covers research, development, production, promotion and marketing, with details of participants and associated exhibition. [English and Italian]
  • Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology - Offers assistance to commercialize Cuban biotechnology. Research profile, news and links to other Cuban biotechnology sites.
  • CuraGen Corporation - Simplifying in order to accelerate genomics based product discovery and development. Has created technologies to better understand the role of genes in improving human health, animal health and agricultural vitality.
  • Cytos Biotechnology AG - Creates new technologies and products for broad markets by innovations in the biomedical sciences.
  • Dyadic International, Inc - Develops biological products such as proteins, enzymes, polypeptides and small molecules for applications in large segments of the agricultural, industrial, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries.
  • Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, LLC (EDT) - Focused on commercializing enzyme-based and other new technologies for the pulp and paper industry.
  • Genencor - Offers products for the health care, agriculture and industrial chemicals markets. Includes outline of expertise, and facilities for production, administration, research and development in four continents.
  • Genotypic Technology Pvt.Ltd. - Solutions for drug discovery and research and development for pharma, genomics and biotechnology companies. Details of services and current research projects.
  • In the Pipeline - A weblog about science, particularly chemistry and pharmaceuticals, from a working researcher at a drug company.
  • Innovative Research, Inc. - Provides researchers worldwide with high quality human and animal plasma for research use.
  • Integrin Advanced Biosystems - Marine biotechnology company focused on three areas: research, technology transfer and scientific services.
  • International Biotechnology Trust (IBT) - The UK's first approved investment trust dedicated to the biotechnology sector. It offers investors the means to invest in a carefully selected and diversified portfolio of biotechnology companies. As part of its investment policy, IBT provides strategic and scientific support to the companies in which it invests.
  • Knowledge Express Data Systems - Online information service for professionals in the bio-pharma and high-tech arenas.
  • LifeSensors Inc. - Cell Based Biosensors - Utilizes innovations in human gene transcription technology to develop advanced ultrasensitive, high-throughput, cell-based biosensors.
  • MaxCyte - Develops targeted drugs and non-viral gene delivery systems. Also, specialized in enhanced oxygen to cells treatments.
  • Morphotek, Inc. - Uses morphogenics to expedite the evolutions of organisms, such as plants and yeast, to obtain commercially useful output traits.
  • MWG Biotech - Products and services include molecular biology instruments, DNA sequencing, oligos, microarrays, and bioinformatics.
  • Nexgen Biotech - Develops and commercializes new recombinant proteins from transgenic plants.
  • Novartis - Created by the merger of Ciba and Sandoz. Has core businesses in healthcare, agribusiness and consumer health.
  • Novozymes.com - Creates bio-industrial products by using enzymes for such things as waste water cleanup, house cleaners and lawn maintenance. Provides contact information.
  • Pepscan Systems - Focused on the use of the knowledge of molecular recognition.
  • Phage Biotech, Ltd. - Presents a valid biological solution to the chemical antibiotics crisis.
  • Phage International Inc. - Manufacturers of a biological alternative to antibiotics. Explains the mechanism of action and provides company details and consumer information. Headquarters in San Ramon, California.
  • Plant Research International - Offer research services in plant genetics and reproduction, crop physiology, agrosystems, soil fertility, and the optimization of plant health.
  • Precision Therapeutics, Inc. - Focusing on the interaction of cultivated tumor cells with chemotherapy and immunology-based drugs.
  • Prionics AG - Focused on developing diagnostic tests for prion diseases, and other neurological disorders.
  • Prometic - Life Science, Inc. - Targets bioseparation and medical applications with its platform technologies, exploiting its proprietary synthetic ligands designed to effect very specific interactions with proteins.
  • Protéus - Discovers biomolecules for large global markets.
  • PTC Therapeutics - Focused on the discovery and commercialization of orally active small molecule therapeutics for human diseases.
  • Research Point Corporation - Online resource and information tools for the scientific and pharmaceutical communities.
  • Sigris Research, Inc. - Utilizes biomagnetic mixing and bioseparation technology to isolate and extract genomic DNA, mRNA, and cell proteins.
  • Synergene Biotech GmbH - Offers DNA sequencing services for the life science community. Details of services offered, current projects and company news.



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